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tv   Journal  LINKTV  February 23, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello in a very warm welcome to the "journal" here on dw. the ukraine, a close confidant of former prime minister to mission go -- of yulia tymoshenko has been named interim. gold medal in sochi. and a seven-game losing streak is over. a dream start for the new coach.
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ukraine where events are continuing to unfold in a dramatic pace with parliament voting to name alexander totino off as interim president. he was voted the speaker of parliament, and he was the close confident of yulia tymoshenko, who bores back on the scene after being released from jail. meanwhile, german chancellor and glove macro -- angela merkel agreed that the ukraine's be we have the latest development in kyiv and elsewhere. >> thousands packed the day after they oust viktor yanukovych. it has become a place of triumph
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and morning. with yanukovych gone, activists have been reflecting on what the future holds. >> we have fought for this for over two months. many are dead. they were not supposed to leave us. they were young. they never experienced life. all of the politicians associated with the regime should leave the ukraine. onand a special session sunday, ukraine's parliament voted overwhelmingly to temporarily handy president's power to these speaker. he is a strong ally of former prime minister yulia tymoshenko and an opponent of ousted president yanukovych. candidates are already stepping forward. another said he is ready to leave.
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in an emotional speech late saturday, the former prime minister said she would stand in may's elections. she called on ukrainians to keep fighting and reminded them of the years she spent behind bars. >> i was imprisoned, thinking there was no greater joy than to be born and live among me because you were the best. but now we have important tax ahead and first of all we have to bring yanukovych and all the scum around him. [applause] >> deposed president yanukovych still enjoy strong growth -- strong support. others called politicians in kyiv traitorous and fascist and touse to call -- and refuse recognize the legitimacy of the new interim government. >> our correspondent is following the dramatic events in the ukraine for us and he joins
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us now. marcus, there are growing signs that yulia tymoshenko could become a dominant figure any opposition, but she remains a very divisive figure, doesn't she? right. is of course most of the people here in independence square behind me are very happy that she is freed from prison because many in the ukraine understood that she was put to jail in a show trial, but many see her as a very controversial figure because many remember her, especially me part of ukraine, many remember her as a very, very tough and unscrupulous businesswoman in the gas business. others say she filed the orange revolution, and they blamed her for that. isoubt that yulia tymoshenko the right person to lead ukraine to a brighter future. >> what about the now impeached president viktor yanukovych?
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what influence does he perhaps still have? not havehonest, we do any information about his whereabouts right now. the latest news we have, border patrol announced this morning that they have no further viktor yanukovych trying to leave the country. he tried to flee in a plane and border patrol stopped him, prevented him from doing so. and he would often is armored vehicle with this entourage. they did not get any details to where he is. many suppose he is still in the eastern part of the country where he has his heartland, his supporters, but his support is waning as well even the eastern part of the ukraine. another the mayor of town where we saw viktor yanukovych doing a speech on television, and he announced that viktor yanukovych is a person of the past already. >> markus, you mentioned the
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people behind you on the right midan. i gather it is being transformed into a place of commemoration for the many people that have lost their lives. >> that is right. people bought flowers, birds candles, and independence square. it was a very calm day, maybe stays -- calmest d ays . they visited the places where the right police were. even renamed a street in central kiev to street of the celestial 100. >> markus reher, thank you so much for that update from the ukrainian capital kiev. we talked about the move that independence square, and we mention the fact that angela merkel and vladimir putin have been discussing ukraine's
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integrity. certainly for the people of the people of ukraine, these every emotional times. especially as they begin to look to the future. and the tough challenges that inevitably lie ahead. >> throughout kiev, reminders of the moment of -- momentous events, world tributes appeared at the sight of bloodshed. they were about the the ousted president are unknown as ukraine's future lies in the balance. european leaders have called for ukrainians to unite in building a peaceful future. >> the integrity of the country safe, andcemented, that everything will be done in a very peaceful manner with no violence. >> there are many dangers, but it is urgent that they get onto form that inclusive government, a government of national unity, in effect.
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>> aside from the political turmoil, ukraine is also on the brink of economic collapse. newly appointed interim president alexander turchinov has called it a catastrophic. no one knows where the revenue will come from. russia has put a huge bailout package on hold. and the u.s. international monetary fund have stepped in, offering assistance and rebuilding the ukraine's battered economy but only in exchange for economic reform. >> whether it is policy advice, whether it is financial support, economic reform discussions, obviously we stand ready to do that. >> before this weekend's events, demands.cted imf so while a measure of calm returns to the streets, there are daunting challenges ahead.
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>> in other news, a german tabloid is reporting that the u.s. spy agency, the nsa, has stepped up surveillance of german government officials. the newspaper quotes a high- ranking nsa employee based in germany saying the targets are senior politicians including interior minister thomas de maiziere as well as business leaders. in january, president obama banned u.s. eavesdropping on close friends and allies. angelacludes chancellor merkel but not apparently her cabinet. beenast 14 people have killed and dozens of others wounded in a car bombing at a field hospital near syria's border with turkey. the attack occurred in the rebel held town. the hospital provides medical treatment to thousands of displaced syrians. authorities say the bombings there's all the hallmarks of an al qaeda-linked militant group.
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the violence comes just a day after the united nations security council agreed to improve access to humanitarian aid in syria. note, sportsferent news now, and the winter olympic games in sochi have drawn to a close. the high point of the final ceremony was a spectacular firework display. the games will bieber membered for their huge expense, costing over $50 billion, and for the fact that they were plagued by political controversy in the buildup. still, the new ioc president said that russia had delivered all that it had promised. altogether, there were 98 competitions in sochi. the winners have their medals, the losers their tears, and we have this short round up of the final days action. ♪ to victoryas swept in the four-man bob, after the
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two-man bob on saturday. steve claimed bronze for the u.s. germany missed out on a metal for the first time in 50 years. hauls an all russian medal in cross country being. and it was victory for canada in ice hockey. they thrashed sweden 3-0 to claim the record ninth gold medal in the event. ♪ >> after two weeks of competition and a limited 98 events in seven different sports, those results leave the final medal table looking like this. the hosts, russia, lead the pack with 13 gold medals, 11 silver, and nine bronze.
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inmany finish in sixth place the overall standing. to the bundesliga now where leaders by in munich will stop consider their unblemished season with a win over hanover. thomas with a score, 14 league win in a row. and then a 0-0 draw. bremen was the happiest of the site having lost to a red card in the first half. woodwork meier hit the twice for frank for. on saturday, hamburg stun the buddhist leader with a 3-0 win. s first matchach' in charge. it was an occasion he certainly will not forget. >> he was brought to and haplessy to rescue
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hamburg from regulation, and his coaching debut with certainly impressive. >> no chance of responsibility with the players. >> hamburg looked and played like a completely different team with excellent tackle, and a strong desire to win, and some new players. the czech midfielder opened the scoring just before the break. the coach was delighted. struggling against an aggressive opponents, after losing the ball, taking advantage scoring his 11th goal of the season. but theortunities, germany keeper made a number of good saves. everything went well for the home side. that must help foster our performance. >> in polish, his side was not
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grasping at straws against dorfman. >> the rest of the weekend's wondrously governm -- bundesliga results look like this. gaart.a with student and then a goalless draw. the upshot of all the weekends action is the bundesliga table that looks like this. no change at the very top where the big four are sitting in the champions league spots. to impress and could challenge shocker for the fourth and final berth. now the football world cup kicks off in brazil. it is already time to look forward to the euro 2016 in france. the draw was made for the qualifying groups on sunday, and germany is happy with their draw. and will face ireland
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newcomers gibraltar in group d. looks that is your lot this time on the "journal." do not go away. more sports. ♪ >> the week started in italy where matteo renzi was nominated to form a new government. he has no previous experience of national politics but he promised that reforms. at this difficult time, i will contribute all the energy and commitment i am capable of. >> iesco -- promised to fight youth unemployment, cut bureaucracy, and perform the constitution. old, he isyears italy's youngest ever prime minister. many italians are hoping the change is now on the way.
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>> we hope that renzi will keep the promises he has made. what he says so far sounds good. very constructive. he is young and very active. now we need to see some concrete action. >> i hope this means we will have a better future, better than what we have now. renzi end of the week, had set out as is smaller than the previous one, and younger, too. the government now faces the challenge of over handling -- overhauling italy's economy. >> germany's coalition government had to deal with its first major row this week since taking office last year. the heads of the three parties met as a scandal over child photography for fused to go away. the conservative's cyberculture minister stepped down after
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telling the social democratic party that one of their lawmakers, sebastian, was being investigated for ordering pictures of prepubescent boys. the agriculture minister was accused of a breach of confidentiality will stop since his resignation, arguments have been raising about who is to blame and to walk to lose their job. to lose theirht job. >> a plan landed in geneva excitedly on monday. the ethiopian airlines flight was meant to be heading to italy. passengers said that somewhere over sudan, the copilot locked the captain out of the cap and influence that to switzerland, where he asked for asylum. safely. landed the copilot is now in custody. plane landed safely. >> ukraine's opposition has been protesting against the government for weeks. and on tuesday, the conflict
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reached a new pitch. both sides blame the other for the violence. street battles went on into the night. next fewinued over the days, becoming ever more violent. dozens of people died, and hundreds were injured. devastated police and germany list -- and journalists. in kiev's central independence square, a building that burnsters had been using down vote up the police tried repeatedly to clear the square without success. the authorities used armored vehicles. protesters fought back with molotov cocktails and fireworks posto. president viktor yanukovych called on the opposition to stop
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the protests, scrubbing them as terrorists. the demonstrators were not deterred. on thursday, they forced their way into the area around the presidential palace. there was violence from both sides. frank -- the very government is not controlled the riot police, and it is very difficult for the opposition to control maidan, and there are a number of forces that are uncontrolled. >> with the international community worried about the conflict spiraling out, foreign ministers from germany, france, and poland flew to kiev with talks with both sides. the european union announced sanchez against the yanukovych government saying that it was to -- announced sanctions against the yanukovych government, saying that it was to blame for
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the violence. >> there were ducks in thailand on tuesday. police made their most determined efforts yet to clear protesters away from government officers in bangkok. gunbattles broke out leaving at least five people were dead. the protesters had been holding rallies in the city for weeks, demanding that the prime minister resigned. they want the government replaced by an unelected people's counsel. >> no matter where he is, we will go there and fight every day to expel her. we will go every day to every place until she cannot live in this country because she is a murderer. the protesters blame yo ingluck and fascias controlled by her brother, who was -- and say she is controlled by her brother, who was overthrown by a military coup.
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this man was found guilty and frankfurt ofin committing genocide in rwanda. the judge said he incited his future followers to murder about 400 people were gathered in a church. the trial was held in germany because he fled there after the genocide and asked for asylum. he was sentenced to 40 years in jail. violent thanmore venezuela this week. antigovernment protesters fought holy city streets of the capital of caracas. protesters say the socialist government is to blame for high crime and inflation and for repressing the oppositions. maduro,ident, nicolas called the protesters fascists. he accused them of being in league with the u.s. and trying to stage a coup.
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>> what will the venezuelan opposition do ? johnbelieving that with kerry and barack obama you can seize power. how long will your violence continue? >> the protesters blame the government for the violence. they say they would stay on the streets until president maduro resigned. >> wednesday, another attack in lebanon targeting a shiite area of beirut. at least four people died when two suicide bombers blew themselves up close to an iranian cultural center. a group linked to al qaeda claimed responsibility. it said the attack was in retaliation for hezbollah's involvement in syria. as goliath backed by iran and is providing military support to the -- hezbollah is backed by iran and is providing military
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support to the syrian government. riote pultegrounk group pussy was attacked when they try to row sets. the band said they wanted to draw attention to russia's human rights record. two of the members were released from prison less than two months ago. they had been locked up for singing a song in moscow's main cathedral attacking president vladimir putin. is -- the winner >> there was a warmer reception for musicians in london at the annual brit awards. indie band the arctic monkeys clinched the award for best group and best album. the foursome from jeff miller no strangers, picking up the same prizes back in 2007 and -- the foursome from sheffield are no strangers. picking up the same prizes back
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in 2007 and another year. boy bands one direction pick up the best video price. >> thank you. incredible,r incredible friends. >> and the winner is -- >> best female solo artist went to ellie golding. is a great place at the end of the day. thank you very, very much. and scotland, stay with us. [applause] >> kate moss was wearing but ie's ziggy stardust costume. at 67, he was the oldest recipient of a brit award. he made eight comeback with his album, the next day, after a decade-long hiatus. japan'sperator of crippled nuclear power plant highlyma release new
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radioactive water. over 100,000 tons of water escape from a tank when some were left open. it is the most serious incident since last august when 300 tons of contaminated water were leaked. >> and dozens of south koreans were in north korea on thursday to meet relatives they had not seen for more than six decades. noy have -- there have been reunions for that six years because of tensions between the two countries. millions of koreans were separated from their relatives by the wall from 1952 9053 that left the peninsula's late into. to 1953 that left the peninsula split in two. >> friday felt some political relevance in kiev. president yanukovych and the opposition leaders signed an agreement aimed at resolving the crisis. it sets out plans for new
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elections, limits to the present for the hours and the formation of an interim government. it was the result of almost 30 hours of talks roque and by eu by euers -- broken ministers. >> the course i am aware that the opposition leaders to not speak for everyone in independence square. i would be too much to ask. i stressed that really what talks, who should not underestimate the importance of this agreement. parliamentat he and put the agreement into effect, it -- the ukrainian parliament put the agreement into effect. is theymoshenko opposition politician who has been locked up for the past two years. is clear evening, it that not everyone in independence square supported the agreement.
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one was booed when he appeared. despite the signs of hope, by friday night, ukraine's crisis was far from over. and that was the week in revñ
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>> i think, to be elected president these days is, you need a lot of money. >> money and publicity. >> a few thousand dollars. >> maybe $10,000. >> after giving you money, people want you to do things for them. >> millions of dollars. >> it has strings attached. >> and now you're gonna have to pay it all off, and... yeah, so that's a problem. >> female announcer: major funding for priceless was made possible by:


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